Neoformix Tweet Topic Explorer is a Powerful New Tool For Social Media Marketing

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WordCluster Analytics Provide Rapid Visualization of Hot Topics

Kudos to Barry Ritholz and his Blog The Big Picture for turning us all on to a phenomenal new social media metrics tool: Tweet Topic Explorer.  This Tool retrieves the most commonly used words in recent (no word on time period covered by “recent”) “tweets” for a specific user and displays these visually using bubble clusters. The area of the circle for a word is proportional to that word’s frequency. Words most often used together are grouped by color.

For example, using my Twitter handle, @adlerlaw, produces a cloud that shows the words “film,” “media,” “legal,” “social” and “Chicago” are among my most frequently used words.  Looking at groupings, “Film” is used most commonly with words like “tax” and “indie.” The words “Law” and “Legal” appear most frequently with “social,” “media” “brand,” and “trademark.”

The potential for brand managers and social media marketing professionals is obvious. First, a brand manager can quickly and easily analyze what key words are being used and how they are being used for any given twitter handle. Note that if your handle is identical to a brand name, this is critical visual evidence of the words being used in connection with your brand! Second, if you area  marketing professional, you can analyze individual handles to get feedback on words being used by social media influencers and other specific followers.

The value should be obvious by now. This tool creates an amazing feedback mechanism. The brand owner/marketing professional can easily see if the message they are trying to communicate is really coming through as well as they intend. For example, check out the word cloud for “Coca-Cola.” I was amazed to see that the most frequent word is “^GD.” I don’t know about you, but that’s not communicating anything about the brand. Whereas positive attribute words like “sharing” and “delicious” are much less prominent.

Also, the potential to uncover negative words will be displayed prominently. This gives brand managers insight into the areas, issues and users that they need to target.

I’m not saying its going to be easy. In order to get the most out of this tool, one is going to have to spend time analyzing users one by one. However, this is one of the best tools I’ve seen that breaks tweets down into a clear, visual, actionable matrix.


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