Twitter Sues The Government Over Data-Request Disclosures


Twitter wants you to know that it is serious about data request transparency, and that is a darn fine good thing.

The social company is suing the government for the right to share, in more granular detail, the requests for user data that state makes. The United States government would like such data to be opaque. Twitter, the opposite.

Both sides’ views are unsurprising. The government wants to keep terrorists in the dark. And Twitter wants to keep its users informed, so that they know that their information, at least through these specific channels, isn’t being absorbed wholesale. This argument is component to the larger debate the nation is currently having about how government surveillance impacts the privacy of the individual, and the nation as a whole.

What does Twitter want? From its post:

It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns…

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